The Bread Truck

Delivering Fresh European Bread & Pastries to your door!


We are a local independent Bread Delivery Service partnered with a local independent bakery that delivers Fresh Bread & Pastries to your door.

Check out our goods and start adding your items to The Bread Truck. Make sure you also go to the Pastries section…trust me you do not want to forget those:)

As all our goods are made fresh to order which means we take a full day to bake and package your goods for delivery. If you order by 10pm on a monday you get your delivery on Wednesday, If you order by 10pm on a Thursday, you get your delivery Saturday. We close on Sundays and Mondays so any order placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be delivered Tuesday

 Once we receive your order we get it to the baker who begins making your order. Make sure you receive an email confirmation that your order has been confirmed

You’ve waited patiently…Enjoy your locally made Bread & Pastries. Remember we are not a factory and your bread and pastries may look different from delivery to delivery. Our bread has personality and is completely preservative free Enjoy!

Featured Items


Canada is having a birthday and to celebrate we have created a special bag that comes with all the goodies you need for your celebration! We have even added some Apple Fritters just for this occasion!

  • 1 Rustic Baguette
  • 1 Rustic Round Sourdough Loaf
  • 1 Bag (1/2 dozen) Brioche Burger buns topped with sesame seeds
  • 1 bag (1/2 dozen) 7″ Hot Dog Buns
  • 1 Cookie Monster Pack ( 3 Oatmeal Raisin & 3 Choco Chip Cookies)
  • 4 Apple Fritters
buy the Canada day party bag


The Perfect Assortment of goods for a BBQ. We have thought of everything you need to have the perfect grilling session for the whole family. 

½ dozen WHite Hamburger Buns topped with Sesame Seeds

½ dozen Brioche Burger Buns

½ dozen 7” Hotdog Buns

1 Rustic Baguette

4 Natas (custard tarts)

4 Coconut & Custard Brioche Dessert Buns

How did this all begin?

The Bread Truck and wasn’t created by us…it just happened to us!  At the very start of the Corona virus pandemic and when people who were returning home to Canada started to quarantine for 14 days, the 4 of us had what we thought would be our last dinner in the same house for awhile. Like most people, there was a feeling of uncertainty in our stomachs and we knew that precautions would be necessary going forward. We shared some stories and one in particular stood out. You see Carlos’ and his family own a bakery and the previous day the 4 of us took some bread and pastries and delivered it to a few friends that we knew had just returned from holidays and were not leaving the house. We talked about how great it felt to help someone who was essentially ‘stuck’ in their own home, and how grateful they were for getting such simple yet necessary items delivered to their door. It was a positive and heart warming discussion and by the end we came up with a simple idea….”lets flyer our communities and get bread to those that need it”.

 It was a perfect idea for 2 reasons…one; it gave the bakery another way to keep their staff working after the business practically collapsed overnight, and two; We get to help people who need and want to support a local, artisan bakery! 

Now we have expanded our delivery, had to create a website and ordering system to keep up, and wake up everyday with a purpose. We are blessed to have made some pretty amazing friends along the way and we continue to evolve and adapt, and let this journey take us to wherever it is meant to go.  We trust in the flow, and are here with open hearts and clear minds doing our part…with love!

This is us with Bri Egan and her baby boy. She created and donated our Masks( with hearts). Find her on fb at Bri’s Custom Veils & Alterations. Thank you Bri ❤️

Call us today at +1 780 200 1441
or email us at

Don’t forget to order our Bread Bag…hang it on the door handle before you go to bed and we will fill it with your order the next day!


We started with a simple facebook page that allowed us to meet so many new friends! That’s where we love to chat and share so please don’t forget to come on over and leave us a review and post a picture.