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Basil Olive Oil (200ml)


Fresh. Green. Herbal.       Edmonton-based Evoolution stands for the evolution of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is among the most widely studied foods shown to be beneficial to our health. It’s linked to longevity, disease prevention, and well-being, and it also happens to be wonderfully tasteful.


SKU: 1006

Now you can have Evoolution Olive Oils delivered straight to your doorstep!

Fresh. Green. Herbal.

Basil and extra virgin olive oil; two integral ingredients to Mediterranean cooking. Drizzle onto a Caprese salad, pizza, pasta, or risotto. Also makes for a delicious bread dipper or salad dressing.

Pairs  well with Peach balsamic vinegar.

Bread Choices :  Perfect with our Cornbread & Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf.


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