Our Team

A long proud history of baking!

Popular bakery has been a staple in Edmonton for over 20 years and remains a family business to this day. Located on Alberta Avenue the bakery began on the corner of 118th and 94th street in its early years and then relocated to the east corner of the same block on 93rd street where it still operates today. It was one of the first businesses to commit to improving Alberta Avenue and has a beautiful mural painted by a local artist on the east wall that represents the family’s roots from Portugal and the embracing of a new home and community. The Family’s baking tradition goes back 3 generations and started with Antonio ( Carlos’ Grandpa) in Angola, and continues here today run by Olimpio and Lurdes Soares, and their sons Paolo and Carlos. 

Carlos Soares

Master Baker & Creative ‘bread making’ Genius

Carlos is the one burning the midnight oil to bring you your goodies. He has been creating magic with dough since 1994 and is passionate about the art of baking. He believes that great bread begins with great ingredients, and to make those ingredients come together perfectly, you need to make it with love. He also moonlights as The Bread Truck driver and loves explaining his passion to people on the street

Carla Rodrigues

Director of Customer Delight & The voice on the phone

Carla and her family have been in the Restaurant business for years so it’s no surprise she is now dabbling in the bread business. She is committed to getting our customers exactly what they want. She also has 2 daughters……with the Master Baker:)

Carla Dreger

Head Volunteer and Megaphone Operator

Yes there are 2 Carlas’! Carla is the owner of Design by Dreger inc and during her free time helps out with orders & emails. On Saturdays heads up the megaphone announcements from the back of The Bread Truck. “Get your bread…..Hot buns!” is her favorite line.

Ricardo Leal

Social Media Person & Bakers Assistant

Ricardo heads up the website and social media aspect of the business and desperately tries to respond to all comments and messages. Loves to sample the goods;) and helps out the Master Baker when required. Also moonlights as Delivery Driver Extraordinaire.

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